'Rio' to Hit $350 Million Overseas

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Fox toon will triple U.S. haul -- with Brazil the biggest country.

Thor and Fast Five might be generating the biggest headlines, but Fox's Rio is nesting with equal gusto at the international box office. It now ranks as the second-most-successful spring toon of all time after Ice Age: The Meltdown, which cumed $460.1 million overseas. Rio, with a total of $292 million, is headed toward a projected $350 million haul and has already outgrossed last spring's How to Train Your Dragon, which earned $277.3 million offshore. Rio is doing almost triple the business overseas that it's doing domestically. The biggest territory is Brazil -- not a surprise, given the film's setting -- where Rio has taken in a stunning $38.4 million, followed by Mexico ($25.2 million) and Russia ($24 million). It's no slouch in China or France, either, grossing $20.2 million and $19 million, respectively.