Rio International Film Fest Announces Lineup

"Gonzaga: The Father to Son" will open the 14th edition of Brazil's biggest film fest.

Breno Silveira's Gonzaga - the Father to Son has been selected to open the 14th edition of the Rio International Film Festival, which will take place Sept. 27-Oct. 11.

The film tells the story of one of the most famous musicians in Brazil, Luiz Gonzaga, and his son, who is also a musician and composer, Gonzaguinha. Actor and accordionist Expedito Nivaldo de Carvalho was selected to portrait Luiz Gonzaga in the film.

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This year the competition Première Brasil includes 12 feature films,10 feature documentaries and a number of shorts -- which will be announced later. Also, 4 fiction features and 3 documentaries will be screen in the category Hors Concours.

Meanwhile, other Brazilian productions will be showcasing in special sidebars such as Portraits, New Trends and Music.

Throughout its two weeks, the festival traditionally gathers filmmakers, producers and actors in different venues around Rio de Janeiro, making the annual event a period in which seemingly everyone in the city only talks about cinema.

See bellow the official lineup of the Rio International Film Festival for 2012:


Father’s Chair (A Busca) by Luciano Moura
The Invisible Collection (A Coleção Invisível) by Bernard Attal
Jonathas’ Forest (A Floresta de Jonathas) by Sérgio Andrade
AE – Auto Exposure (Disparos) by Juliana Reis
Love Aches (Dores de Amores) by Raphael Vieira
Éden by Bruno Safadi
Between Valleys (Entre Vales) by Philippe Barcinsky
My Sweet Orange Tree (Meu Pé de Laranja Lima) by Marcos Bernstein
The Gorilla (O Gorila) by José Eduardo Belmonte
Neighbouring Sounds (O Som ao Redor) by Kleber Mendonça Filho
First Day, Any Year (Primeiro Dia de um Ano Qualquer) by Domingos Oliveira
Rio 2096: A Story of Love and Fury (Uma História de Amor e Fúria) by Luiz Bolognesi

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Heart of Brasil (Coração do Brasil) by Daniel Santiago
Jango Report (Dossiê Jango) by Paulo Henrique Fontenelle
Hélio Oiticica by César Oiticica Filho
Jards by Eryk Rocha
Margaret Mee and the Moonflower (Margaret Mee e a Flor da Lua) by Malu de Martino
The Day That Lasted 21 Years (O Dia que Durous 21 Anos) by Camilo Tavares
Ouvir o Rio: Uma Escultura Sonora de Cildo Meireles (Listening to the River: A Sound Sculpture by Cildo Meireles) by Marcela Lordy
Rio 70s (Rio Anos 70s) by Maurício Branco and Patrícia Faloppa
Satyrianas, 78 Hours in 78 minutes (Satyrianas, 78 Horas em 78 Minutos) by Daniel Gaggini, Fausto Noro and Otávio Pacheco
Sobral (Sobral – O Homem Que Não Tinha Preço) by Paula Fiuza


Collect Call (Chamada a Cobrar) by Anna Muylaert
Buddies (Colegas) by Marcelo Galvão
Clandestine Childhood (Infância Clandestina) by Benjamín Ávila
Rites of Passage (Ritos de Passagem) by Chico Liberato


The Woman Who Came From Afar (A Mulher de Longe) by Luiz Carlos Lacerda
Eternal Amazon (Amazônia Eterna) by Belisário Franca
Raça by Joel Zito Araújo and Megan Mylan

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Augustas by Francisco César Filho
State of Exception (Estado de Exeção) by Juan Posada
I Have No Idea What I’m Doing With my Life (Eu Não Faço a Menor Ideia do Que Eu Tô Fazendo com a Minha Vida) by Matheus Souza
Super Nothing (Super Nada) by Rubens Rewald

Passinho Dance Off (A Batalha do Passinho) by Emílio Domingos
Hysteria by Evaldo Mocarzel and Ava Rocha


Cirandeiro by Claudio Boeckel
Dalua Downhill by Rodrigo Pesavento, Fernanda Franke Krumel and Tiago de Castro
Dino Cazzola: A Filmography of Brasilía (Dino Cazzola – Uma Filmografia de Brasília) by Andreas Prates and Cleisson Vidal
Jorge Mautner – The Son of The Holocaust (Jorge Maunter – O Filho do Holocausto) by Pedro Bial and Heitor d’Allincourt
The Roberto Brothers (Os Irmãos Roberto) by Ivana Mendes and Tiago Arakilian


MPB Chamber, The Brazilian Song (MPB de Câmara, Canção Brasileira) by Walter Lima Jr.
Partideiros by Luis Guimarães de Castro
Pernamcubanos by Nilton Pereira de Melo
Siba: A Poet Through the Storm (Siba – Nos Balés da Tomenta) by Caio Jobim and Pablo Francischelli