Rio Olympics: Green Pool Distracts Diving Event

Olympic_Diving_Rio - Getty - H 2016
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Olympic_Diving_Rio - Getty - H 2016

British diver Tom Daley and his fellow competitors on Tuesday worried about the murky green color of the diving pool.

Green, not gold, was the color of the day at the Olympic diving venue in Rio.

Sure, China won its third consecutive gold medal on Tuesday, but the buzz was about the color of the water in the diving pool.

It was a murky green, in stark contrast to the pool's previous day's color and also that of the clear blue water in the second pool at the venue.

British diver Tom Daley tweeted a photo of the two pools next to each other and captioned it, "Ermmm...what happened?!"

Water quality has been a major issue surrounding this year's Summer Olympics, but in the ocean and lagoons, not the venue pools.

A statement from Rio 2016 organizers says water tests were conducted and there is no risk to athletes. Organizers say they're investigating what caused the color change.