Rio Olympics: Japan's Prime Minister Morphs Into Super Mario During Closing Ceremony

Getty Images
Japan's PM Shinzo Abe dressed as Mario


Mamma mia! Sunday's closing ceremony saw Tokyo accept the Olympic hosting baton from Rio in the most Japanese way possible, and certainly in a way that will be hard to forget. 

In a short video that showed off the best of Tokyo, Japanese athletes — with a little help from cultural icons like Doraemon, Hello Kitty and Pac-Man (but strangely no Pikachu)  punched, kicked and threw the red ball logo of the summer 2020 Games into the hands of a rather wooden Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister, whose mission was to deliver it to Rio for the ceremony. 

Abe, running late, decided to morph into Mario and take a shortcut through a drain pipe, appearing in the Maracana stadium, red ball in hand, to proclaim Japan ready to welcome the world in four years' time.