'Rio Sex Comedy' to be Released on Cable and On-Demand

The film, distributed by FilmBuff, will be available on Aug. 30.

In a unique distribution plan, the latest film directed by Jonathan Nossiter, Rio Sex Comedy, which premiered at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival, will be released on cable and broadband video-on-demand starting August 30. FilmBuff will be responsible for its distribution in the U.S. The movie will also release on DVD on November 15.

“Given the radically shifting tides in international distribution, I’m thrilled by the opportunity to have the US premiere of my film in a new media exclusive,” says Nossiter.

The movie, starring  Bill Pullman, Charlotte Rampling and Irene Jacob, will be available on demand on all major cable providers including Comcast, Time Warner, Cox and Verizon. It also will be available to rent or purchase on broadband platforms such as iTunes, Vudu, Xbox, Playstation and CinemaNow.

“We’re excited to work on the American release of Rio Sex Comedy, and we’re ready to take people to this amazing locale,” said Matt Dentler, manager at FilmBuff.

Other recent FilmBuff releases include For Lovers Only, Banksy's Exit Through the Gift Shop and Armadillo.