Rita Ora Settles Case for Superga Agreement Breach (Report)

AP Images

Lesson learned: If you're the current face of a major brand, don't be caught wearing another.

When it comes to fashion, Rita Ora isn't afraid to step out in bold outfits (think banana dress shirt and a giant pom pom dress). But not every sartorial decision has served her well. For instance, the time she was caught wearing Converse shoes while serving as an ambassador for Italian shoe label Superga.

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After Ora was spotted sporting a competitor's shoes, Superga parent company GLD group withheld the British singer-songwriter's final two installments of her £180,000 fee (roughly $250,000) claiming she had breached her contract, reports the Daily Mail. Ora responded, claiming that despite violating her contract agreement, she should still have been paid.

The case has been settled out of court, although it's unclear if she received her payment from Superga.

As for Ora, her next endorsement includes collaborating with Adidas Originals, which the German company announced in January.