'Riverdale' Star Camila Mendes, Josh Gad Respond to School Shooting in Home State

Josh Gad and Camila Mendes - Split - Getty - H 2018
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Mendes revealed she used to live in Parkland, Florida, and her sister attended the high school where Wednesday's deadly incident occurred.

Riverdale's Camila Mendes took to Twitter on Thursday to send her condolences to those affected by Wednesday's school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Mendes said she used to live in Parkland, and her sister even attended Majory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 people were fatally shot.

"It's devastating that such a violent tragedy happened in a place that I've always considered safe, a place that I associate with such innocent, childhood memories," Mendes wrote in a tweet. 

She added that her "heart goes out to all the families who are grieving the loss of a loved one, and for all the survivors who have to live with the trauma." Mendes plays Veronica in the CW's Archie comics take.

Josh Gad, also from Florida, revealed on Thursday that the son of his friend had died in the shooting.

"Last night, I received a text while I slept that our friend’s son passed away from his gun shot wound," Gad wrote in a tweet. "My grief for this family and the many others knows no bounds. I’m so sorry this happened. I’m so sorry our leaders are worthless. I’m so sorry we are bound to repeat this again."

Gad had acknowledged the friend's child in an earlier tweet on Wednesday, saying, "A child of one of our friend's has a bullet in his chest & is in critical condition because a 19 year old had access to a military weapon."

He also tweeted at Florida Sen. Marco Rubio to express his anger, embedding a tweet from The Hill in which Rubio talks about not "jump[ing] to conclusions" that gun control laws would've prevented the shooting. 

Gad's tweet read, "As a Floridian, please let me be among the masses to tell you, you are a spineless coward @marcorubio and I hope your 3.3 million dollars in NRA funding comes with ear plugs that allow you to tune out the mourning cries of children and parents everywhere."