Riveting Entertainment and Project Taco CEO Andrew Listermann Takes THR's Taste Test

Courtesy of Andrew Listermann

Riveting Entertainment CEO Andrew Listermann has a lot going on. From managing acts and overseeing music videos (Lil Wayne, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga), he's also founder and CEO of Project Taco, the Los Angeles “Gourmet Snack Shop” which is perfect for an out-of-the-box Taco Tuesday.

“We love being a California brand. We’re well-received by the locals,” Listermann told The Hollywood Reporter. “We catered our menu to be different from a traditional street taco — a little more gourmet, a little more worldly."

An idea that started with “tacos at the beach,” Project Taco’s launched it's first location in Hermosa Beach in 2012. A successful showing produced a second location that just opened at 6325 Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles. According to Listermann, fan favorites include the Wilshire Pot Roast Taco, which is tender but spicy, and the Miracle Meatless Taco, which is filled with Beyond Meat, a vegetable based meat substitute that is popular with vegetarians and vegan taco lovers. As for the booze, Project Taco has a  “No Crap on Tap” policy. The Wilshire location features six Southern California craft beers, including selections from Saint Archer and Smog City breweries.


Current Fixation

“Saag Paneer is my new go-to dish that my mother introduced me to when eating out at our local Indian Cuisine spot in West Hollywood. Love the flavor, texture and fact that it combines two of my favorite things: spinach and cheese.”

Known for Cooking

“Grilling out in the backyard. Anything from grilled shrimp, vegetable kabobs, fish and free-range chicken.”

Destination Dinner

“I am big into walking to restaurants from my house. Mercado in West Hollywood is great for upscale Mexican and Margaritas. Little Next Door is great French cuisine and has a terrific selection of wines. They also offer a wine flight, allowing you to select three wines of the menu to try.”

Go-To Take-Out

“Mendocino Farms, usually 2-3 times a week.”

Adventurous Bite

“I love the super authentic Filipino dishes that my wife’s family cooks. Half of the time I have no idea know what I am eating, but it usually tastes delicious.”

Simply Won’t Eat

“Spiders, frogs and anything slimy, even Boba”

Favorite Snack

“Project Taco has an amazing Miracle Meatless Taco that I probably eat 10 times a week.”

Dietary Regimen

“I try to eat lots of vegetables and fish and less meat. The key word here is ‘try.’”

Preferred Company

“I enjoy spending time with my wife and our friends who are mainly business colleagues. Long dinner with lots of drinks and great conversation is always a great time.”

Pet Peeve

“When all food is ordered at the same time, but servers bring out appetizers after the entrees. That's backwards. If an appetizer is going to take longer than the main dish, the server should say something in advance.”

Big Wish

“For more LA restaurants to embrace using All-Natural and Organic ingredients. Let’s help people stay healthier by improving the quality of the food being served.”

Embarrassing Experience

“My first sushi experience was eventful to say the least. I was with a new client going over terms on a project. At the time, I didn’t realize the power of good wasabi and decided to use way too much on the first bite. The rest of the dinner I could barely talk and looked like I was very emotional (watery eyes, running nose, etc). Not an ideal situation for a first dinner meeting with a new client. Luckily, it now makes for a good laugh.”

Guilty Pleasure

“Easy...peanut butter and chocolate”

Last Meal

“Project Taco has a Wilshire Pot Roast taco, which I substitute the meat with an all-natural vegetable based meat. It is spicy (which I love) especially with a glass of red wine or a craft beer.”