'Road' may not be done in time for '08

Execs to meet Thursday to discuss film's release

The Viggo Mortensen dark thriller "The Road," a Dimension title from the Weinstein Co., originally was set for a Nov. 14 limited and Nov. 26 wide release. Now it quietly has been shifted until at least December -- and might be moved out of 2008 altogether.

Execs are scheduled to meet with "Road's" producers Thursday to discuss whether the movie will bow this year; the discussions come as Harvey Weinstein has pushed ahead with Stephen Daldry's "The Reader" for a Dec. 10 opening.

2929 Entertainment and Nick Wechsler Prods. are producing the film, based on Cormac McCarthy's post-apocalyptic tale about a man and his son wandering a bleak landscape.

Given another McCarthy novel resulted in the Oscar-winning "No Country for Old Men" and Mortensen was nominated last year for "Eastern Promises," "Road" has been mentioned as an awards contender.

But John Hillcoat's movie, shot this year mainly in Pennsylvania, is in post and decidedly not done, those familiar with the project said.

With the Weinstein Co. invested in "Reader" -- which the company is positioning as a commercial and awards play -- there might be less urgency to make "Road" an '08 title, though one observer noted: "There's no question Harvey wants this for 2008. But it may just not be feasible."