Rob Ford Performs Drunk Driving Pantomime on Canadian Live TV (Video)

Getty Images

The embattled Toronto mayor made the gesture to a rival politician during a special council debate to limit his political powers.

TORONTO - Toronto mayor Rob Ford made a drunk driving gesture Monday during a heated City Council debate to strip him of more powers.

During the special debate, Ford began to spin on his chair, and pretended to hold a steering wheel and drink alcohol as brother Doug Ford, a Toronto councilor, was accusing rival councilor Paul Ainslie of having his own personal transgressions.

Earlier this year, Ainslie was pulled over in his car by Toronto police during a roadside spot check, and was given a three-day license suspension and a warning for drinking and driving.

Ford's drinking and driving mime followed the mayor admitting to smoking crack cocaine, binge drinking and also hinting at driving after drinking as his Crackergate scandal has Toronto City Council steadily peeling away his powers.

In another meltdown during Friday's debate, Ford bowled over another councilor, Pam McConnell, as he rushed around the chamber to support his brother as he got caught up in an apparent altercation.

The Toronto mayor's political woes began in May 2013 when Gawker and The Toronto Star newspaper first revealed the existence of a smartphone video that apparently shows him smoking crack cocaine. That infamous video has since come into the hands of the Toronto police and courts.