Rob Ford Scandal: Man With Crack Video in Police Custody

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Police arrest the alleged drug dealer who showed reporters footage of the Toronto mayor apparently inhaling crack cocaine.

TORONTO – Embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford's infamous crack cocaine video has still not surfaced.

But the man who showed two Toronto Star reporters a smartphone video of Ford allegedly smoking crack cocaine was arrested during a recent sweep of city drug dens.

The Toronto Star on Friday reported Mohamed Siad, 27, an alleged drug and gun dealer, is now in jail after being arrested in June as part of Project Traveler, a police operation that netted 40 people in all on drug-related charges.

The newspaper report claims Siad on May 3 got into the back seat of a car with the Toronto Star journalists and showed them a video of Ford allegedly inhaling from a crack pipe.

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The videotape in question touched off a global media circus when the gossip site Gawker claimed to have viewed the same footage.

Following the reports, Ford quickly became fodder for late-night hosts like Jon Stewart and Jay Leno.

Gawker’s John Cook also claimed the video was for sale, and successfully took to the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise $200,000 to purchase the content.

Gawker eventually conceded that it lost the trail of the owner of the smartphone video, and so could not purchase and stream its content as part of its "Crackstarter" fundraising campaign.

Toronto police have reportedly interviewed city hall aides of mayor Ford, but the Toronto Star is not certain whether the police force has custody of the smartphone video.