Rob Ford's Re-Election Team Upset Over 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Ambush (Report)

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Even though the Toronto mayor was overheard complaining that he was "set up" after he was grilled on Monday night's show, he told the Toronto Sun he "had a blast."

TORONTO -- Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may have been laughing off his ritual humiliation while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night, which included being told to get help for his drug and alcohol addiction.

But a new report suggests that Ford and his re-election team, led by brother Doug Ford, are peeved after being unexpectedly ambushed by Kimmel.

"He’s a little upset,” Doug Ford, a fellow Toronto councilor, told the Toronto Sun newspaper's Joe Warmington after the mayor's appearance was taped.

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The columnist indicates he heard the mayor in the background complaining he was "set up."

However, Ford, used to being battered by the media like a pinata after admissions of smoking crack-cocaine and "drunken stupors," later told The Sun he was OK with being skewered by Kimmel.

"No, it was more Doug that was upset. I told him, 'What are you upset about?' No big deal. I was fine. There was some tough questions but it was fun. I had a blast," the mayor said.

Elsewhere, Daniel Dales in the Toronto Star newspaper, who a few months ago threatened to sue Rob Ford for libel and followed him to Los Angeles, said Kimmel managed to grill the mayor with questions the politician avoids answering back home.

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"Playing smiling assassin, Kimmel mocked and belittled the man he had picked up at the airport on Saturday night," Dales said.

Fellow Canadian politicians Tuesday showed little sympathy for Ford over claims he was ambushed.

"…Rob Ford says he was 'set up.' What ??? How many brain melts can one man have...#topoli," Bob Rae, the former Ontario premier and federal member of Parliament, wrote on his Twitter account.