Rob Gronkowski Says Last Book He Read Was in Ninth Grade: "A Mockingbird to Remember"

Gronk also did a reading of erotic fan fiction.

Jimmy Kimmel convinced New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski to read erotic fan fiction about himself when the Super Bowl champion stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night.

Before Gronk sat down for a reading of A Gronking to Remember, he announced, "I haven't read a book since ninth grade, when they made me — you know, you don't raise your hand, but they call on you?"

Then he listed the title of the last book he says he read, which sounded suspiciously like a cross between To Kill a Mockingbird and the fan fiction he was about to read. "A Mocking to Remember?" asked Gronkowski. "A Mockingbird to Remember?"

Since Gronkowski was talking about reading a book out loud to the rest of his class — just before he recited lines from his fan's erotic fiction — he may have been referring to the last book he read out loud and not necessarily the last one he read, period. Either way, today Harper Lee's sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird was announced, entitled Go Set a Watchman. So kudos to you on the timing, Gronk.