Rob Lowe: Charlie Sheen Is 'Wrong' About Rehab (Video)

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Rob Lowe, left, and Charlie Sheen

Sheen has said he cured his addiction to drugs and alcohol by using the power of his "mind."

Charlie Sheen has repeatedly insisted he doesn't need rehab to quit drugs and alcohol and has even gone so far as to say he was able to stop using simply through the power of his "mind."

But Rob Lowe -- Sheen's fellow former Brat Pack-er and friend who entered rehab for drug and sex addiction in 1998 -- said the fired Two and a Half Men actor is "wrong" in thinking he can cure himself.

"You don't get to do it your way," Lowe said on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight. "You don't get to make up your own special rules. We have a name for people like that. Those are people who suffer from terminal uniqueness. You don't get to do it your way."

Lowe, who co-stars on the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation, is promoting his autobiography, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, parts of which deal with Sheen.

Lowe wrote that Sheen in his early years was "one-of-a-kind … a Polo preppy clotheshorse in a world of O.P. shorts and surf T-shirts" and "a wonderful mix of nerd … and rebel."

"At my house, we are still saving money by not buying desserts," Lowe says, comparing his life to that of Sheen, who lived nearby. "At Charlie's house, it's never-ending Haagen-Dazs, brand-new BMWs, a lagoon pool with underwater tunnels, and a lit, professional-grade basketball half-court."

As for rehab, Lowe said he enjoyed undergoing treatment.

"It was great," he told Morgan. "I loved it because I was ready. Problem is, people go into rehab and they're not ready. You want to get sober for your parents, you want to get sober for your job, you want to get sober for the cops, you want to get sober to protect your image. A lot of good reasons, by the way, but unfortunately, the only thing that works is that you have to want to get sober for you."