Rob Lowe "Obsessed" with Dad Bods: "It's Time to Start Objectifying Men"

In a recent interview, Lowe told The Cut, "I’m obsessed with this f—ing thing."

Rob Lowe can't decide if he has a "dad bod" and it's really starting to get to him.

In a recent interview, Lowe told The Cut, "I’m obsessed with this f—ing thing. Did you know that I tweeted about it two weeks ago? I put it out there to my millions of followers: Be honest with me: Do I have a dad bod? I just need to know. Because I’m not really sure what it means yet and I need to find out. They said absolutely not, although some wonderful internet sleuths found a photo of me when I was not at my finest and said, yeah, you have a dadbod."

The term "dad bod" went viral in the wake of an April 30 article entitled "Why Girls Love the Dad Bod," which was written by a 19-year-old Clemson sophomore for her school newspaper.

The concept has since been hotly debated by news outlets, including The Daily Show, which poked fun at the implicit sexism behind the idea.

"I am a dad and I have a bod," Lowe continued. "So by definition, I have a dadbod. I’m not pro or con [dadbod], but it's great that it is a real thing. My understanding of it is [that dad bod] guys are semi-jacked but have neglected this [points to decidedly anti-dadbod stomach], is that right? My new favorite term … are you ready for this? Skinny-fat. It’s a great one. Because it’s people who look skinny but aren’t, right? I think it’s time to start objectifying men. I think it’s time."

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