Rob Lowe Slams L.A. Times' Front-Page 'Frozen' Ad

Matt Carr/Getty Images
Rob Lowe

"In case anyone thought print media was still relevant," the star tweeted with a photo of the newspaper's front page.

Rob Lowe briefly became a media critic on Wednesday, criticizing the Los Angeles Times for publishing a front-page ad for Disney's animated holiday title, Frozen

"In case anyone thought print media was still relevant," the Parks & Recreation actor wrote on Twitter, including a photo of the ad, which included a movie blurb ("The Best Disney Film Since The Lion King") with font nearly the size of the Times logo. The Frozen ad covers the length of the left side of the Times' front page and frames the news stories.

While the complaint seems quaint in the age of advertiser takeovers of online homepages, the front page of major metropolitan papers is generally seen as coveted real estate to promote hard news. And the Times, particularly during former Tribune Co. chairman Sam Zell's tenure, had been routinely criticized for using its front page to showcase Hollywood fare.

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A 2009 front-page ad for NBC's Southland forced the paper's publisher, Eddy Hartenstein, to defend the ad. "Because of the times that we're in, we have to look at all sorts of different -- and some would say innovative -- new solutions," Hartenstein said at the time.

In March 2010, the face of Johnny Depp in Disney's Alice In Wonderland was placed on the front page and saw similar concerns voiced.

A few months later, in July, the paper was criticized for running a Universal Studios wrap ad for a King Kong attraction in the LATEXTRA section -- which houses late-breaking and local news -- that included a fake headline "Universal Studios Hollywood Partially Destroyed" along with a large photo of the mock damage. 

In January 2013, the paper ran front-page wraparound advertising for the Josh Brolin-Sean Penn action title Gangster Squad.