Rob Lowe Shares His Fountain-of-Youth Beauty Secrets

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The always handsome actor reveals how he stays so good looking.

Rob Lowe seems to defy nature — and gravity. The 51-year-old former Brat Packer looks just as great now as he did then. Maybe even better. So what’s the secret? “Since I was 15, I’ve had the best in the world all over me,” Lowe tells The Cut, referring to the slew of skincare products he’s used for the past 35-plus years.

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That’s one reason he’s decided to break into the men’s skincare business. That’s right, the actor — who appeared at the Upfronts for two new series, You, Me, and the End of the World, on NBC, and The Grinder, on FOX — is releasing his own line, called Profile 4 Men, which is expected to debut at Nordstrom this fall.


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A flashback photo of Rob Lowe in his younger days.

As for his own product regimen, Lowe says that in the morning, after “as much caffeine as I can get into my body,” he cleanses with face wash, then uses his anti-aging and de-puffing under-eye serum. “I literally carry this everywhere,” he says.

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While we can’t wait to see how magical his formulas must be, Lowe revealed to The Cut that there are other forces at play when it comes to his unrelenting youthfulness and energy. He eats well, for one. All protein for breakfast — think eggs, Greek yogurt, Paleo, granola. He also works out: Surfing is his favorite activity, but when there’s no swell he opts for a CrossFit-type training regimen. It makes sense, considering he stressed himself out wondering if he has a dadbod.

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That said, he’s not a total saint. Lowe admits to the site that when he’s being “good Rob Lowe, it’s no carbs and no sugar. Bad Rob Lowe is a Johnny’s pizza followed by a chocolate egg cream. Bad Rob Lowe f—ing goes for it.” We wouldn’t mind hanging out with either Rob Lowe.