Rob Lowe's Groomer Shares Guys' Must-Get Haircut and Products

Rob Lowe - P 2015
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Rob Lowe - P 2015

Jason Schneidman, who also styles James Corden nightly for 'The Late Late Show,' talks about the look that makes women swoon.

According to Jason Schneidman, the only bad haircut is a bad haircut. The groomer to stars including Rob Lowe, Hugh Jackman, Bruno Mars and James Corden (whom he styles nightly for The Late Late Show) adds that a good haircut styles itself. And his favorite haircut of the moment for any man? The “movie-star haircut.”

“It’s the perfect length: not too long and not too short. It allows you to see the texture on the sides, and the top is the perfect length, where you can wear it over to the side or up, and it’s not too long where you [would] look like Vanilla Ice or Kid 'n' Play.” The buzzed-sides look, though extremely popular, thanks to European soccer stars, is on its way out. It is this Matt Bomer-esque cut that “reads great in pictures, and when you put on a pair of sunglasses, you look like a movie star, I swear.”

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The Dove Men+Care grooming expert, who works at Chris McMillan by day, is, in general, a fan of men experimenting with different haircuts. “I think it’s great for someone to come up to you and say, ‘I like your new haircut,’ and to be recognized, so I like to switch it up. How do you think Chris [McMillan] made a name for himself? By cutting people’s hair off. He’s had hair moments, like the Rachel [Jennifer Aniston’s famous Friends cut] and Miley Cyrus. Just go for it.”

Additionally, the veteran of men’s cuts is into facial hair. Corden prefers some scruff, as “he feels like he looks like a 12-year-old with no facial hair.” And Schneidman cites a study where women ranked 10 days of growth on a man as the most attractive.

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When it comes to products, he recommends a minimal approach: a little mousse to blow dry with his small, round Men’s Groomer brush ($30), followed by Dove Men + Care Fortifying Styling Paste ($12): “I couldn’t ask for a better matte-texture styling paste.” Or, if the desired look is a Mad Men-inspired barber undercut parted on the side, he opts for Dove Men + Care Fortifying Styling Gel ($15).

Other items he believes all guys should have in their Dopp kits? Visine ($6.50), a matte lip balm (he loves Peter Thomas Roth’s discontinued one) and Dove women’s dry shampoo ($5). “I use it on guys, and it’s only a matter of time before they make a men’s version,” says the stylist. It’s especially handy for those following his advice of not washing their hair every day (though he does advise rinsing with hot water in the shower on the other days). “It’s really unhealthy to be stripping out all the natural oils God gave you.” That said, oil on the face is not good. Blotting papers work, but here’s a dude-friendly hack: Use toilet-seat covers and “press your whole face. There’s nothing worse than an oily guy face.” Truth.