Men Can Now Smell Like Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe GETTY - H 2016
Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Profile

His Profile now includes a fragrance.

Rob Lowe would like to make one thing clear: He is not a celebrity endorser.

But he does have his own line of products — a set grooming offerings available at Nordstrom and here, launched last year under the Profile banner, which includes cleanser, moisturizer, body wash, face scrub, shave gel and sunscreen.

That range has just expanded to include its first fragrance, 18 Amber Wood ($89.50), and during a conversation to promote the scent (composed of notes including Sicilian bergamot, pink pepper, crisp fig leaves, spicy blue sage, lavender, sandalwood, sequoia bark and red Colorado cedar), Lowe makes it clear that he’s not the type to slap his name on something and beeline to the bank.

PROFILE PARTY: Rob Lowe's line of men's grooming products are on display inside the Montage Beverly Hills on March 9, 2016. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Profile)

Rather, Lowe has spent years developing the products and many more maintaining his face — the perfect kind of walking business card if there ever was one. In the process, the veteran actor realized just how much he loves mentoring other men in how to be a man. But actually, how to be a man who takes care of himself and looks better in the process. (Downside: Rob Lowe DNA not included.)

“I’ve almost finished raising two young men,” Lowe says of his college-age kids John, 20, and Matthew, 22, addressing a small group of journalists inside the Montage Beverly Hills private whiskey bar. “In doing that, I’ve really fallen in love with mentoring guys. There are so many messages about, ‘What is a man?’ How does a man dress, how does a man think? Every father’s role is to do that with their kids and as that begins to wind down for me, Profile becomes a vehicle for me to have those conversations with other guys of all ages.”

Those chats, of course, always include mentions of his seemingly ageless face. And he’s OK with that.

“Particularly guys who are my age look to me and say, ‘Dude! What the heck, you look like you are still on St. Elmo’s Fire,’” he explains. “And I can say, well, this is what I know, this is what I’ve learned, these are my tricks of the trade. It’s about the products, but it’s really about something more to me. It’s why I’m spending so much time on it.”

Though the event served as a launch party for Profile’s 18 Amber Wood, Lowe spent time praising his “hero product,” the ‘Revive’ Under Eye Rescue. “Girls are lucky,” says Lowe, who plans to release a second fragrance later this year. “They have every gimmick and cool thing that they can throw in their purses. Guys have nothing. We have nothing. I carry this everywhere I go. I hit it in the morning under my eyes. It takes away puffiness dark circles fine lines. Anti-aging is a focus of absolutely everything that we have in our line.”

Speaking of age, The Grinder star is now 51 years old with a birthday days away on March 17. He knows he looks younger but still admits that he “can never get enough anti-aging and hair thickening” products. “There’s no such thing as too much,” he smiles.

The same can be said of experimentation. He says he’s applied the “put-one-foot-in-front-of-the-other” and learn-as-you-go methods to this process, just like everything else in his life. “Be nimble enough to adjust to the good news and avoid the bad news,” he explains.

The one thing he can’t avoid? Compliments. 

“It really started with the sense of how do I answer the people who stop me every single day and ask, ‘What is your program? What are you doing because I’d like to do it?’ I’m flattered by it and I do the same. I’m very into athletes and fitness and if I meet an athlete, I will say, ‘How do you train? What do you do?’ I wanted to be able to have something concrete that I could share about what really moved the needle for me.”

The wisdom (and products) land with a better reception considering no needles have come anywhere near his face.

HEAD OF THE CLASS: Rob Lowe speaks to journalists about his fragrance and line of Profile products at the Montage Beverly Hills on March 9, 2016. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Profile)