AFM 2011: Rob Reiner Planning Film on Proposition 8 Legal Case

Rob Reiner at AFM - H 2011
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Talking politics, he says it is also important for him "to get Obama re-elected, although I don't know if we can."

Rob Reiner is developing a film based on the legal challenge to Proposition 8, the California initiative that banned same-sex marriage and was found unconstitutional by a federal district court judge, the director told The Hollywood Reporter at AFM Sunday.

He also working on a second project, a heist movie called Airtight, because he said he has never done a heist movie.

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But the Prop 8 movie brings with it a personal connection for the filmmaker, since he said it "is based a little bit on the court challenge to Proposition 8, which I have been involved in."

As part of the campaign to defeat Prop 8 in the courts,  the actor-turned-director-turned-political activist helped found the American Foundation for Equal Rights.

He also recently participated in a one-night celebrity reading in New York of 8, a play that Dustin Lance Black wrote based on the trial transcripts.

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Reiner was one of the biggest fundraisers behind the legal effort. "We have been involved every step of the way. Right now, we're waiting for the Ninth Circuit to come with their appeal decision," he said. "Either we'll win, and it will be expunged in California. If it gets appealed, it might go to the U.S. Supreme Court."

In addition to the Prop 8 legal case, Reiner is also focused on getting President Obama re-elected. "Those are the things that are most important to me," he said. "Prop 8, if we win that, will be the last big piece of the civil rights puzzle that will be put into place."

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Discussing his presidential election focus, he told THR, he is trying "to get Obama re-elected, although I don't know if we can."

Reiner also told THR that he had never been at the American Film Market before.

"This is the first time. I have never been here," Reiner said. "There is obviously a lot of buying and selling. It's a little bit the feeling of Cannes -- without the glitz."