Rob Riggle Recalls Working With Real Lt. Col. Bowers Before '12 Strong'

"It's a small world and interesting that it's come full circle like this and that I'm actually playing my old boss."

It's not very often that actors and actresses end up portraying someone they've worked with in the past. For Rob Riggle, he got the opportunity to step into the shoes of his old military boss for his upcoming film 12 Strong.

The movie tells the once-classified story of a group of heroic soldiers who went into Afghanistan a month after 9/11 to team up with the Northern Alliance and take down the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Riggle explains his connection to Lt. Col. Bowers and other characters in the movie during his time as an active solider in November 2011.

"He was a very proficient leader," Riggle said of Bowers. "He knew his stuff, and he cared about his troops, and I thought he was a real professional. So that's all you can ask for."

12 Strong is now playing in theaters.