Rob Schneider lashes out at Al Franken

VIDEO: Actor called 'SNL' alum an expletive on 'Joy Behar'

What does Rob Schneider have against fellow "Saturday Night Live" alum Al Franken?

Forgive me ... Sen. Al Franken.

We may never know, since his obviously disparaging opinion was bleeped and host Shaun Robinson didn't do much in the way of follow-up.

Anyway, Robinson was filling in as host of HLN's "The Joy Behar Show" on Thursday when she asked Schneider to apologize for creating the SNL character, The Richmeister, that annoying office worker who heckled colleagues whenever they'd make Xerox copies. (Watch the interview below.)

"People are still doing that when they're going to the copy machine," Robinson said.

In explaining the genesis of The Richmeister, Schneider mentions then co-star Al Franken: "Of course, you know, the Senator Al Franken. What a 'bleep' he is," Schneider said.

Judging from Robinson's reaction, the word bleeped was rather offensive. Schneider followed up with: "I actually mean that."

It sounds like Schneider might have been calling the senator the "W" word, slang for "prostitute," but that's only conjecture.

Schneider's not known for holding his tongue when he's irritated. One time he even took out a full-page ad in The Hollywood Reporter to belittle film critic Patrick Goldstein. Later, he called critic Roger Ebert an "ass."

So perhaps it's only a matter of time when he'll fill in the blanks for us on his feelings for Sen. Franken. It's certainly not political differences, as they seem about equally left-wing.

But in a Q&A with Punchline Magazine last month, Schneider was a bit more forthcoming about why he doesn't respect Franken: "He's a very selfish, self-mnded guy," he said. "It makes perfect sense that he ran for Senate, because Al Franken was always out for Al Franken."

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