Robbie Williams launches company

Farrell Music will be home base for music publishing rights

LONDON -- U.K. pop artist Robbie Williams has launched a music publishing company, Farrell Music, as the new home for all of his music publishing rights.

Williams' new and future material will now go through Farrell Music, including songs from his forthcoming album' "Reality Killed the Video Star," (Virgin/EMI) which is released on Nov. 9.

The singer has partnered with independent music publisher Notting Hill Music, which has put in place a structure whereby Williams will be paid directly from collection societies on a global basis. Notting Hill Music will broker the relationships with collection societies and will provide administration services in return for a fee from Farrell Music.

"Robbie Williams has been and remains one of the defining U.K. artists of our generation and we are honored to be helping him with the launch of his new music publishing company," said Andy McQueen, chairman of Notting Hill Music, in a statement. "This new agreement utilizes our experience and expertise in the music publishing field while giving Robbie complete ownership and control of his songs. We are looking forward to working with Robbie and his management team and feel sure that this new venture will be a big success."

As Williams' existing copyrights revert to him, they will also go through Farrell Music. Universal Music Publishing Group currently represents many of Williams' copyrights up to 2007, following its acquisition of BMG Music Publishing three years ago, while some of his early copyrights on various co-writes are with EMI Music Publishing.

"I've always wanted my own publishing company... though it could make me broke beyond my wildest dreams," Williams said in a statement - a quip that refers to his "rich beyond my wildest dreams" remark after re-signing to EMI in October 2002.

"This is yet another ground-breaking deal by Robbie Williams and it's what makes working with him so exciting," added the singer's managers David Enthoven and Tim Clark of London-based IE Music.