Robert Downey Jr. Reveals the Hilarious Way Robert Duvall Totally Burned Him

Downey Cover on Tonight Show - H 2014

Duvall has never seen a key Downey movie

If you're as respected as Robert Duvall, you can pretty much get away with anything — including totally burning Robert Downey Jr.

Downey told Jimmy Fallon that his The Judge co-star didn't remember the two previous times they'd been in the same film (1989's The Gingerbread Man and 2007's Lucky You), and that when he used to see Duvall out on the town, he'd attempt to pay homage — only to be politely rebuffed.

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"His favorite movie of mine is Chaplin, even though he hasn't seen it," Downey said.

Downey and his producer wife Susan recently appeared on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter magazine, which Fallon put on display during the show. Check out the action below, and read their cover story here.