Robert Durst Purportedly Pens Letter to 'Los Angeles Times': "My Interests Are Opera and Pro Football"

AP Images

The letter makes no mentions of "charges, crimes or trials."

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times received what appears to be a handwritten letter from Robert Durst.

According to the Times, the letter arrived Wednesday, two weeks after a reporter mailed an inquiry to Durst. Durst's name and the correctional facility where he's currently being held are labeled on the letter's return address.

The handwritten letter makes no mention of Durst's ongoing prison trial, though it goes into detail about Durst's personal life in L.A. from 2008-2011.

"I have said nothing about charges, crimes or trials," it reads. "If you decide to use any of this, which is okay, please make the above clear."

In the letter, the writer reflects on his past life in Los Angeles, writing about happier days living in an old apartment in the city and making frequent trips to a nearby coffee shop on Sunset Boulevard. "I loved watching the traffic come up La Cienega and mush into Santa Monica, hated L.A. traffic which makes Houston seem like a small town," reads the letter.

He even goes on to divulge his own personal interests, adding: "My interests are opera and pro football."

Dick DeGuerin, Durst's litigator, told the Times after reviewing the letter himself that it "looks like his handwriting."

"Bob is his own person, and he’s writing letters to people," he said. "As long as they’re not discussing the facts or legal plans or strategy, I don’t have any problem with it."

The letter, simply signed "Bob," ends with Durst's request for a copy of whatever story may be written about his note.

It can be read in full here.