Robert Durst Says He Regrets Doing HBO's 'The Jinx'

Robert Durst - Getty - H 2017

The 75-year-old multimillionaire and New York real estate heir was arrested in connection to the murder of Susan Berman.

In a jail house call that was played for the court Thursday, accused killer Robert Durst told a friend he regretted doing the HBO documentary The Jinx, according to The Los Angeles Times. 

The 75-year-old multimillionaire and New York real estate heir was arrested March 14, 2015, in connection with the murder of his best friend, Susan Berman, in her Beverly Hills home. His apprehension took place the day before the final Jinx installment. 

The HBO doc series focused on Durst's bizarre life, which included being acquitted of the murder of Morris Black, a neighbor in Galveston, Texas.

In the jail call played Thursday, as reported by The Times, Durst told an unidentified friend that he became worried when he saw the fifth installment of the HBO series, the episode in which it was revealed a letter Durst sent years ago had similar handwriting and the same misspelling of Beverly Hills as the anonymous note sent to police at the time of Berman's slaying in December 2000. 

In a separate call with the same friend, cited by The Times, Durst asks for any old letters in which he wrote down Beverly Hills with the city spelled correctly. 

Prosecutors contend Durst murdered Berman to keep her from sharing information she had about the death of Durst's ex-wife, whom he also was suspected of murdering. Durst said he was innocent of both slayings. 

However, in the final episode of The Jinx, Durst mumbles into a hot mic: "What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course."