Woman Who Dated Robert Durst Reveals More Creepy Behavior

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Robert Durst

Linda Walker Zevallos tells NBC's 'Today' show that the accused murderer talked to her son about guns and to her about Susan Berman, the close friend he's suspected of killing.

A woman who once dated Robert Durst opened up to NBC's Today show about the accused murderer's disturbing behavior.

Linda Walker Zevallos met Durst on a flight from New York to Dallas in the spring of 2000, where he told her that he was a labor lawyer with two daughters who went to Harvard. She didn't know who he was or recognize his family's real-estate background.

The real-estate heir, who's been suspected of murdering three people and faces new charges of killing his close friend Susan Berman in L.A., was renting an apartment in Dallas when he started dating Zevallos.

That apartment, Zevallos tells Today, had a concrete floor and a saw in it. Zevallos, who was recently divorced, liked the company and thought Durst was a good listener.

While Durst wooed her and sent her handwritten notes, including one that she later sent to the former lead investigator in the Susan Berman case, he started demonstrating bizarre behavior.

On the way to dinner with her 13-year-old son Michael, as they were walking to Durst's car, he said, "Oh, I forgot. I've got two guns in the back seat. So Michael don't touch the guns," Zevallos recalled.

"I was absolutely shocked," she said. At another restaurant outing, Durst kicked her under the table when she said she wanted to order the same entree he was getting.

Durst also talked to her about Berman, saying that she was having problems and that he was planning to go out to L.A. to see her, something she also told the Berman investigator.

Zevallos broke off their friendship before Berman was killed, saying she was tired of his eccentricities, Today reported.

But now, Zevallos felt the need to tell her story.

"It needed to come out. I needed to talk about it," she said.

Watch Today's report on Zevallos below.

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