Robert Durst's Brother Is "Very Grateful" to 'The Jinx' After Fearing For His Life

AP Images

“I no longer am looking over my shoulder."

Despite his refusal to participate in the documentary, Douglas Durst is expressing his gratitude for The Jinx for helping to lock up his older brother Robert Durst.

Douglas spoke with the New York Times about his brother's arrest, detailing his belief that Robert has thought about killing him for years and recently stalked him. "We had information that Bob was five or 10 minutes away from my house in Florida,” said Douglas. He said that his brother had a "fixation" on Douglas' daughter Anita and that he was concerned about her safety in addition to his own.

“I no longer am looking over my shoulder,” said Douglas, referring to Robert's New Orleans arrest on March 14. “I’m very grateful to The Jinx for having brought this about.”

Douglas said when Robert's first wife, Kathleen, disappeared, he had a very difficult time believing Robert could have killed her. Their father, Seymour, would "never have believed" that Robert committed the crime. Their brother Thomas, however, "firmly believed, immediately, that Bob was responsible."