Robert Duvall On Letterman Retirement: "That Guy Taking Over Isn't That Funny"


Plus, he reveals a key benefit of being married to a much younger woman

Robert Duvall gave a hilariously candid interview on Thursday's The Late Show, where he admitted he watched a lousy Warner Bros. movie on a recent flight (he wouldn't say which film) and asked David Letterman why on Earth he was retiring. 

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"That guy taking over isn't that funny," Duvall said, without naming Letterman replacement Stephen Colbert.

When Letterman didn't respond, Duvall added: "Sorry, maybe you're friends."

But hey, as Duvall's The Judge costar Robert Downey Jr. said earlier this week, when you're as good as Duvall, there's a lot you can get away with.

The interview had a few other gems in it as well, including explaining a benefit of being married to his wife, who is four decades his junior.

" 'The worst thing for an old man is an old woman,' " he said, quoting a friend's advice about younger women. "So I'm trying to live that philosophy out."