Robert Guillaume Did Richard Pryor Bits Between Takes on 'Sports Night' Set

ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images
Robert Guillaume (left) on 'Sports Night' set

Josh Charles remembers the late actor who won fame as 'Benson' and then co-starred with him on ABC's 'Sports Night' from 1998 to 2000.

When I heard the news that Robert had died on Oct. 24, I had this image of him singing one day on set. I couldn't tell you the song, as my memory is not that strong, but I can tell you that through the tears, that memory made me smile.

We had a wonderful rapport, both on- and offscreen. I think Isaac [Guillaume's character] was a father figure for many of the show's characters, but because Dan [Charles' anchorman character] had a fractured relationship with his own father, theirs felt particularly special.

I always believed Dan thought of Isaac in that light. Any scene with him was always special and fun. He was so laid-back and made everything — acting, life — look so damn easy. We used to make each other laugh doing Richard Pryor bits between takes. There was no better feeling than making him laugh.

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