Robert Pattinson at 'The Rover' L.A. Premiere: 'I'm Not Trying to Break Out of Anything'

Robert Pattinson The Rover Premiere - H 2014
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Robert Pattinson The Rover Premiere - H 2014

The teen heartthrob, made famous for his role in "Twilight," confessed to THR at his latest film's premiere in Los Angeles that he has "lots and lots of secrets."

The screams of teenage girls could be heard for miles as Robert Pattinson hit the Los Angeles Regency Bruin Theatre on Thursday night at the U.S. premiere of The Rover.

The British star, wearing a navy blue Alexander McQueen suit, hit the red carpet with writer and director David Michod, producers David Linde and Liz Watts, and co-star Guy Pearce for the film's Los Angeles debut.

Made famous for his leading role in the Twilight saga, the actor told The Hollywood Reporter that he is not confining his career to a specific genre. "I'm not really trying to break out of anything. I feel like every single movie I've done is part of the same road. I'm not trying to distance myself of anything particularly," Pattinson said. "I just hope people like [the film]."

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Set during a decade following a global economic depression, The Rover tells the story of Eric (Pearce), who relentlessly pursues a brutal gang in the Australian outback that has stolen his car — his only remaining possession. Left abandoned by his brother and fellow gang members, Rey (Pattinson) is forced to guide Eric in tracking down the brutal clan.

"To be honest, [The Rover] did come to me from a place of anger, when it was despair and anger that I was feeling about the state of the world today," Michod explained. "The movie is set a few decades in the future, but it isn't set for post-apocalypse." Michod wanted the evils showcased in the film to be "directly connected" and representative of the wrongs seen and experienced in "the world today."

While filming, the cast and crew endured extreme heat (just over 110 degrees), rain storms and outback flies, which are apparent throughout the movie. "It always helps to be in real locations," Pearce said. "That extreme heat, those flies and that vast expanse of desert — it just adds to it, like you're putting on a costume. It takes you there."

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Though each role was a deciding factor in choosing to partake in the project, both Pearce and Pattinson remarked that Michod's directorship was ultimately why they committed to the film. "It wasn't the role that drew me to the film. It was the script and David that drew me to the film … this time it was really about David being the filmmaker that he is," Pearce revealed. Pattinson also remarked: "I really like David a lot. I love Animal Kingdom … [the Rover script] just seemed so different and original. It was a bit of a no-brainer."

Audiences can expect to see another side to Pattinson's acting talents in gangster-type film Idol's Eye, alongside Robert De Niro, out at the end of this year. The film still comes as a surprise to Pattinson: "It sounds crazy for me to say … that's something which I've wanted, which I think anyone would want to do."

Though the Rover star is seemingly normal and content with the simple things in life, including inflatable furniture, driving a 1989 BMW and downsizing from a $6.27 million home to a rental, he is a man of mystery. "[I have] lots and lots of secrets that will remain secrets forever," he said.

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Following the premiere, an exclusive afterparty at the W Hotel in Westwood drew Neighbors star Zac Efron, Katy Perry and Michelle Rodriguez. Partygoers were served Loft & Bear cocktails, an assortment of appetizers including sliders, mini pigs in a blanket and chicken skewers, and an array of desserts at a chocolate fondue bar.

A24's The Rover opens nationwide on June 20.