Robert Pattinson on Charlie Sheen: 'I Like Crazy People'


The "Twilight" star says he's a fan of people like Sheen "who don't give a f--k."

Charlie Sheen has a famous fan: Twilight star Robert Pattinson.

In an interview with Vanity Fair conducted before Sheen's most recent troubles, Pattinson says he admires the Two and a Half Men star and his "little escapades."

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"I like crazy people who don't give a f--k," Pattinson said.

Pattinson also said he keeps Sheen's CBS hit on in his in his trailer. (The remaining eight episodes have been canceled in light of Sheen's controversial statements against creator Chuck Lorre.)

"I never change the channel in my trailer," he laughs. "I just watch reruns of House of Payne and Two and a Half Men. I love Cops — I think it's my favorite TV show… God...I sound like such a loser."

Pattinson isn't Sheen's only notable supporter. Sheen said on 20/20 Tuesday that Colin Farrell, Sean Penn and Mel Gibson have reached out to him.

"They didn't give me any advice. Within that there's great advice. There's just love. Just seeing what's up," he said.