Robert Pattinson: Director David Slade Should Play 'Daredevil' Baddie

The 'Twilight Saga: Eclipse' star jokes that the reboot’s director has the right look.

Robert Pattinson might not know if he's ready to take on the hero role in David Slade's reboot of Daredevil. But he knows who should be playing the baddie -- the director himself.

Pattinson told MTV news that Slade -- his director in Twilight Saga: Eclipse --should play the movie's bad-guy Bullseye.

"You know who (Slade) should play, who's the bald guy? Bullseye!" Pattinson joked to MTV.

THR reported last week that Slade was developing a new Daredevil movie which he will direct.

The so-far untitled project has no writer at this stage although the studio says it is aiming to make a movie that continues the story begun by the 2003 Ben Affleck movie. Affleck, however, is not involved in the new project.

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As for Pattinson himself playing the main hero, as internet rumors have claimed. "I don't know where that one came from at all," Pattinson told MTV.

He said he was interested in playing a superhero one day. "(But) I don't know what superhero you'd do. Is there any left?" he asked.

Pattinson was doing interviews for his new film Water for Elephants.