Robert Pattinson: End of 'Breaking Dawn' Shoot Was an 'Anticlimax' (Video)

The "Water for Elephants" star wrapped production on the final installments of the vampire franchise last week.

Robert Pattinson has spent the past three-plus years shooting the Twilight movies.

But it seems the actor and his fellow co-stars and crew members didn't do much celebrating after they wrapped production last week on the two Breaking Dawn movies, which will be the final installments of the franchise.

"It was a bit of an anticlimax," Pattinson said Monday on Live With Regis and Kelly. "It was a very long shoot, and we were working on it for eight months, and it was hard. By the end of it, I think everyone was just like, 'Ahhh, get me out!' "

Pattinson next stars in Water for Elephants opposite Reese Witherspoon. In the movie, based on Sara Gruen's best-selling novel, Pattinson plays a veterinary student who joins a traveling circus as their vet after his parents die. 

VIDEO: Pattinson, Witherspoon Hit 'Water for Elephants' Premiere in New York

Pattinson is currently on the promotional tour for the movie, which opens April 22.

But he says it's hard for him to imagine life without Twilight.

"I don't know who I am anymore," he joked. "I still haven't really understood what it is not to be doing Twilight movies every three months."