Robert Pattinson Puffing on His Electronic Cigarette at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards

Cosmopolis Premiere Robert Pattinson - P 2012
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Cosmopolis Premiere Robert Pattinson - P 2012

The "Twilight" star was a bit nervous at the ceremony, presenting an award to his "Bel Ami" costar Uma Thurman, who also took a puff on his e-cigarette.

Twilight star Robert Pattinson was dateless with no Kristen Stewart (as had been previously wildly rumored) at his side at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards. He didn’t walk the carpet but did pose briefly for photos inside the event with Elle Fanning and Jaime King, both clad in major event sponsor Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa’s sleek and sophisticated designs.

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Pattinson actually seemed pretty nervous about presenting an award to his Bel Ami costar Uma Thurman at the annual awards -- also sponsored by L'Oreal Paris, David Yurman and Lexus -- held at the Four Seasons on Monday. In fact, Pattinson was seen sucking away on his now ubiquitious electronic cigarette before and after he took the stage. Its hard to hide that bright blue light, even when you're holding it under the table. And while there is no smoke from the e-cigarette, there are unmistakeable white puffs coming out of the e-smoker's nose and mouth.

Pattinson has been previously spotted puffing on the smokeless stop-smoking gadget at the New York premiere of David Cronenberg's film, Cosmopolis, and at the Los Angeles premiere of Natalie Portman's choreographer husband Benjamin Millipied’s new ballet, Moving Parts, on Sept. 23.

According to branding matchmaker, Michael Heller, he’s the one who first gave the Twilight star -- and his girlfriend -- the faux ciggie hook-up. "I personally gave Robert Pattinson those electronic cigarettes at the wedding of my friend," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "It was before he and Kristen Stewart broke up. I gave it to both of them."

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Pattinson finally took the stage to present his onscreen Bel Ami wife with her Elle award. But first he sang her praises for her choice of challenging and disparate roles in films such as Dangerous Liasons, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and for her Golden Globe-winning role in Hysterical Blindness.

Then he got personal.

“I first met Uma on a movie called Bel Ami and it ws a pretty crazy experience. She played my wife, a character meant to be more intelligent, talented, witty and better in bed than me, obviously a role very difficult to cast." Irony Alert.

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“She has a presence that is almost overwhelming,” Pattinson continued. “People momentarily forget who they are when they are in her orbit. And crew members who haven’t smoked in years suddenly start chain smoking because she provides bowls of tens of thousands of cigarettes for no reason.”

But Pattinson has -- in a way -- returned the favor. Earlier in the evening, he offered Thurman, who sat next to him at the dinner table with their respective agents, a puff off his electronic cigarette. And the new mum happily took one puff, and one puff only.