Robert Pattinson on ‘Water for Elephants’ Criticism

Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic/Getty Images

"I always see these things like, 'Can he act or not?,'" he says.

Robert Pattinson has two things to prove this weekend — whether he is bankable outside the Twilight franchise and whether he can successfully tackle a lead dramatic role that is far from his Twilight character, vampire Edward Cullen.

He tells USA Today he is not immune to the criticism. 
"I always see these things like, 'Can he act or not?,'" he says. "It's like, I'm nothing like Edward. What do you think I'm doing in that? So (when a new role arises), everyone's like 'It's very different.' "
Going out Friday in 2,817 theaters, Elephants (which costars Reese Witherspoon) isn't expected to have a big opening, with Fox 2000 estimating a weekend gross of $13 million to $15 million, though the film has increased its momentum with adult females, as THR reported Thursday. 
But there's no doubt that Fox has taken advantage of the vast network of Twilight fans in marketing the film.
At the premiere, representatives from groups like TwilightMOMS were assigned spots on the red carpet, and its site has documented Pattinson's every move in promoting Elephants. Other Twilight fan sites have done the same.
As for Twilight, Pattinson just wrapped Breaking Dawn's final chapter. "It's completely nuts," he tells USA Today. "There are some days on set just watching you go, 'How is this going to be PG-13?' The whole first movie is like a straight-up horror film."
Summit Entertainment is releasing Breaking Dawn, Part 1 this November, but Part 2 will not be released until November 2012. 
Would he do a franchise again? "Only if I could have a lot of say in the development of it," he replies,