Robert Pollard has space for new band

Forms Boston Spaceships; album due in fall

NEW YORK -- Robert Pollard has formed a new band, Boston Spaceships, and plans to release its first album in the fall.

In the group, Pollard is flanked by former Guided by Voices bassist Chris Slusarenko and Decemberists/Jicks drummer John Moen. Its debut, "Brown Submarines," arrives Sept. 9 via Pollard's Guided by Voices Inc. label., and was recorded last month in Portland, Ore., and Kent, Ohio.

Fans can preview the 14-track album via closer "Go for the Exit," which is available for free download from

Pollard is apparently so thrilled with Boston Spaceships that he will hit the road with the outfit for the first time in two years. Dates begin Sept. 25 at Cincinnati's Midpoint Music Festival and run through Oct. 18 in Nashville.

"My goal is I don't want to play anything I've played live before live. I know a lot of people expect ... 'Gold Heart Mountain Top Queen Directory' and 'Cut-Out Witch' and things like that," he told Billboard recently. "I've been doing things like that for so long that I'm sick of doing that.... I want to play not necessarily mostly new stuff, but the older songs, I want them to be obscure."

Here is the track list for "Brown Submarines":

"Winston's Atomic Bird"
"Brown Submarine"
"You Satisfy Me"
"Ate It Twice"
"Two Girl Area"
"North 11 A.M."
"Zero Fix"
"Psych Threat"
"Andy Playboy"
"Rat Trap"
"Soggy Beavers"
"Ready To Pop"
"Still in Rome"
"Go for the Exit"