Robert Redford Denies Endorsing Donald Trump for President

Robert Redford and Donald Trump Split - H 2015

The actor's rep clarifies his remarks after Trump tweeted about Redford's support.

Robert Redford will not be voting for Donald Trump, despite a Trump tweet that suggests otherwise.

Trump proudly tweeted a quote from Redford Tuesday morning in which Redford speaks positively about the presidential candidate: "I’m glad [Trump is] in there because him being the way he is, and saying what he says the way he says it, I think shakes things up, and I think that’s very needed. Because on the other side, it’s so bland, it’s so boring, it’s so empty."

Trump wrote, "Wow! Such nice words from Robert Redford on my running for President. Thank you, Robert."

But Redford's rep tells The Hollywood Reporter that while the quote reflects the actor's enjoyment of Trump as a character, it doesn't mean he wants him as the next president of the United States.

"He enjoys him," Redford's rep tells THR, "but not for president."

The quote Trump pulled is from a recent Larry King interview. The entire quote paints a slightly different picture than what Trump presented: "He’s got such a big foot in his mouth, I’m not sure you could get it out," Redford told King. "But on the other hand, I’m glad he’s in there."

Redford then went on to call the presidential race "Looney Tunes" and "crazy stuff."

"It’s like, come on, you guys," said Redford. "You’re making us feel foolish, just having to watch you."

Here's a look at the full interview. The Trump comments are around the 8:00 mark.