Robin Roberts Compares Recent Student Activism to Civil Rights Movement

"They just want to right a wrong that they see as a wrong," Roberts told THR. "That many people see as a wrong."

Robin Roberts has sat behind ABC's Good Morning America anchor desk since 2005, and the goal of her job has always been the same: to keep viewers informed. “All I want do, in all sincerity, is give you the accurate information and have you decide what you want to do with it,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “I think I’ve done by job when people on both sides criticize me and both sides praise me.”

The past year in news has been both heartbreaking and inspiring for the world, including the recent student activism that’s played out across the country following the growing number of mass shootings that have occurred. For Roberts, watching the teenagers take a stand reminds her of another important moment in our history.

“I love to see the activism among these young 'uns," she said. "Makes me think back to the civil rights movement. Remember when you’d see these young people at the lunch counters and these young people that were out in the streets? In the same way that we’re seeing today, they just want to right a wrong that they see as a wrong. That many people see as a wrong.”

Added Roberts, “They’re often criticized for not caring and only being about themselves, and the fact that they are standing up, that they are united, that they know what it is that they’re fighting for.”

While the student activism has been inspiring, Roberts also spoke about the difficult stories she covers, like the news of sexual assault allegations flooding Hollywood. “When you’re sitting in the studio and whether I’m talking to Rose McGowan, or Michael Strahan is talking to Terry Crews, who’s sharing his story, to see the body language of the person wanting to share this most difficult story, you can’t help but as a journalist watching it unfold, watching this person share their story, you can’t help but your heart go out to them,” she said.