Robin Williams Memorial Pops up at 'Good Will Hunting' Bench

Nicholas Rabchenuk

The line "Sorry guys, I went to see about a girl" is more poignant than ever

The bench that helped Robin Williams earn an Oscar is now the site of an impromptu memorial for the late actor, thanks to a few fans in Boston.

Shortly after they heard of the actor's death Monday, Nicholas Rabchenuk and his girlfriend headed to the Boston Public Garden bench Williams and Matt Damon made famous in Good Will Hunting.

"We went to the [Boston] Common, and I was really surprised there wasn't anything there," Rabchenuk tells The Hollywood Reporter.

They brought flowers and chalk, and found two fans already sitting on the bench. The four of them teamed up to write lines from Good Will Hunting on the ground, including "Sorry guys, I went to see about a girl" and "Your move, chief."

The plan is to honor Williams' body of work, not just Good Will Hunting. Hook has already gotten some love (Bangarang!).

"I hope it catches on," says Rabchenuk, who would like to see similar memorials pop up at benches around the world, as well as at other Boston-area sites portrayed in the film.

Though the electric scene between Williams and Damon is considered one of the late actor's finest moments, he gave another impressive performance that day off-camera, according to co-star Minnie Driver.

"I'd come to watch him and Matt film their beautiful scene on the park bench in Good Will Hunting, and when they broke for lunch we sat around on the grass eating sandwiches," Driver said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. "What began as a riff on something or other to make us and the crew laugh suddenly extended to office workers out on their lunch break, enjoying the sunshine, and pretty soon he stood up and his big beautiful voice, full of laughter, reached out to the people who were now hurrying down from the street and across the park to catch his impromptu stand-up.

"There must have been 200 people listening and laughing by the time lunch was over. I just remember how broadly he smiled, patted me on the shoulder and said, 'There, now that was GOOD.' I loved him, and I will miss him greatly. My thoughts are with his family and friends."

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