Robert Evans Reveals How Robin Williams Held Up 'Popeye's' Production for Weeks

Paramount/Courtesy of Everett Collection
Robin Williams as Popeye

The producer of the 1980 movie on how the star's insistence on perfection led to a "brilliant" performance

This story first appeared in the Aug. 22 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

He was unhappy with the arms.

We were shooting in Malta, and the most difficult thing in the entire production was getting Popeye's arms right. And we needed Robin [Williams]' OK to get them sent to Malta. It was the last thing we needed before we could start principal photography.

[The arms] never looked real for him. It held up production for several weeks. We finally got them out of a place in Cleveland. The second he saw the arms, he knew he was Popeye. He was brilliant.

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