The Story Behind Robin Wright's New Sleepwear Line

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Robin Wright and Karen Fowler

The 'House of Cards' actress and her longtime friend, Karen Fowler, chat with Pret-a-Reporter about starting Pour Les Femmes during the line's launch party at Calypso St. Barth in Brentwood.

When Robin Wright isn't killing it on the red carpet or acting with a chill demeanor as Claire Underwood on House of Cards, she likes to be in bed. At least, that's what she explains to Pret-a-Reporter as one of the reasons she launched a new sleepwear line with longtime friend and designer Karen Fowler.

"We both love being in bed so much (laughs) and well, that's a perfect match because we're making the thing that goes into bed," says Wright while celebrating their line, Pour Les Femmes (PLF), in the Calypso St. Barth storefront at Brentwood Country Mart on Saturday. "We met over 20 years ago, became friends […] and we always said we wanted to do a pajama, and well, cut to 20 years later, we finally did it."

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In creating the six-piece collection (priced between $95 to $170), Fowler referenced one of her grandmother's pajama gowns that she had inherited. "I sort of kept it with me for forever because I thought it was so beautiful. I was going to restore, but then, when we decided to launch Pour Les Femmes, I thought we should take this piece and make it more modern," shares Fowler.

Pour Les Femmes isn't just about offering women quality PJs, it's also focused on being a socially conscious fashion line. Currently, 20 percent of proceeds from sales of PLF on Calypso St. Barth will be donated to assist the women in Congo who are victims of violence.

"We decided to make it a give-back company because I was involved with this crisis in Congo for women, which is basically post-trauma so they're living in these rehabilitation centers and they just need a little bit of micro financing and vocational skills to get back on their feet," explains the 49-year-old actress. "So we thought, why don’t we take this product that women are going to love to buy and they know that every time they buy one of our items, it's going to help a woman with sustainable life."

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Asked if she received any advice from her stylist, Kemal Harris, for the collection, Wright says no (but adds, "She's great, isn't she?") and instead credits Fowler for their vision. "I call her 'Mrs. Idea Lady' — she has so many. Literally, 3 in the morning, she'll text me, 'I hope I don't wake you. I've got a great idea,' " she says. "I wake up and I'm like, 'That's another really great idea.' (Laughs.) She brings the idea and I kind of go, 'Why don't we put this idea with this?' and she goes, "Yeah!" 

Fowler feels the same way about her pal, adding, "Robin has a ton of influence on designing the line. We totally do it together."

So what's next for PLF? "We're probably going to bring on another 10 styles. We want to bring in linen, stripes, detailing, and more shorts," says Fowler, before adding, "The ideas are actually being formulated right now." Idea lady, indeed.


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