Robyn Lawley Makes a Big Splash as Ralph Lauren's First Plus Size Model (Video)

The 6'2" size 12 model admits she tried starving and purging when she started modeling at age 16.

Robyn Lawley is making big news in the fashion world.

She’s a size 12 model, and Australian Vogue's first "plus-size" covergirl. She’s also been chosen as designer Ralph Lauren’s first plus size model and she's the face -- and body -- of Boux Avenue, a British line of lingerie for women with curves.

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But she’s not too crazy about the term "plus size." She recently told The Australian: "I'm a normal size. I wish we could all be known as models, rather than plus-size."

At 6'2", the 23-year-old Sydney native struggled to diet down in her early modeling days. She even did all the self-destructive things many models and young girls fall prey to. She went on pro-anorexia websites and "scoured them for tips," she admitted in a 2011 Fabulous Magazine interview. "I began starving myself and making myself sick after meals."

"The thing with my body is that I’m big-boned, she told another website. I have broad shoulders, I’m really tall, have big hips -- it’s just not my body. And I love food!"

As a beacon for the fashion industry's attempts to reflect a mor realistic  body image, she’s certainly in the public eye now. She appeared on Good Morning America on Wednesday. And she has a blog called "Robyn Lawley Eats," she explains as a mix of recipes, indulgences and such things as trying oysters for the first time properly.

Lawley also has a Facebook page where she talks about what she wears. About her GMA outfit, she wrote: "This dress I wore this morning is by MCQ- a brand by Alexander McQueen it's affordable and goes up to a USA 12, ( Australian 16), but it's stretchy so I'm sure it can go up to a USA 14, I also wear a ring that I designed and made myself :)."

She's also got a Twitter following on her relatively new site. She tweeted a big thanks to GMA for having her on and followed with a nutella recipe.

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How does she feel about her success? “It feels really good,” the statuesque beauty says of her recent success. “I feel it’s been a really long time coming, but it feels like it was meant to happen now.”

Lawley is not the only big news in fashion. There are unconfirmed rumors that singer Adele is collaborating on a full-figured clothing line with the British luxury label Burberry. We're waiting to hear back from the corporate offices about this report.

Tell us: What do you think of this trend? Are fashion lines smart to appeal to -- and design for -- more voluptuous women?