Robyn Rocks MTV O Music Awards In West Hollywood

Robyn MTV O Music Awards P 2011
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MTV taps Swedish songstress Robyn to perform a “secret” show at West Hollywood’s annual Halloween parade.

MTV wants its online audience, and last night the network turned to West Hollywood to help generate excitement for their growing O Music Awards, which caters to an even younger demographic than its more established televised VMA’s.  

Not only did MTV Digital break a Guinness World Record for "Longest Dance Party" at The Roxy on Sunset Boulevard in a streamed online event, the network also set up a stage in the middle of the madness Monday for Swedish pop star Robyn, who entertained fans at during a free concert at the intersection of San Vicente and Santa Monica Boulevard as over 200,000 costumed Halloween revelers walked around the area for Halloween voyeurism.

“It’s about celebrating digital music culture in a new and exciting way,” said MTV’s VP of Digital Strategy Shannon Connolly.

“We’re trying to reinvent the award show,” the executive added before the show, which streamed live Monday evening exclusively online for a second year.

“The first show we got 3 million votes,” she said, noting that this year they received “over 22 million votes” in a variety of kitschy categories (“Most Outrageous Tweet” etc…).

MTV’s Van Toffer echoed the sentiment Monday regarding the budding awards show for a new generation.

“It’s a messier more combustible version of our awards shows like the VMA’s,” the longtime president of MTV Networks Music said of the fledgling OMA’s.

“Robyn is on the cusp of breaking through,” he added of the biggest musical name tapped for the show.

The network turned to the Swedish songstress in an attempt to generate a bit of excitement, though the singer did have to compete with nearly half a million people in crazy costumes strolling up and down Santa Monica boulevard, many of whom were unaware the artist was even performing (the show was not advertised and Robyn was only revealed as a guest the day of the show).

In the end, around 1000 fans stayed with the Swede’s set, which was eight songs in total and included standout versions of “Indestructible” and “Dancing On My Own” at a stage just off the main parade route near the Pacific Design Center, which was broken into several sets due to commercial breaks.

Prior to her concert in a backstage area, Robyn weighed in on the viral video working its way around the web currently by Swedish trio Erato, a unique cover of her “Call Your Girlfriend” done with cups on a kitchen table.

“I thought it was great,” the 32-year-old said.

“I think what’s special about it is not the cups but their voices…they sing great and it’s all synchronized in an amazing way,” she added.

“It really brought out [“Call Your Girlfriend”] and it sounds like a country song the way they sing it.”

If you missed it Monday, the show, which includes pre-taped segments with Yoko Ono introducing The Flaming Lips (they covered The Beatles’ “Revolution” as a musical tribute to the late Steve Jobs) can be seen in its entirety below:

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