The Rock Goes Full-On Superhero, Saves Puppy From Drowning


All we can say is aww.

The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, proved this weekend that that all that bulging muscle isn’t just for show. In a very superhero-esque move, he saved his brand-new French bulldog puppy from drowning.

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It went down like this: Johnson, who looks like he could easily save anybody from anything dangerous, brought home two new additions to the family: French bulldog puppies named Brutus and Hobbs. Well, as soon as he set the little guys down, they sprinted toward the pool and fell into the deep end.


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According to Johnson, "Hobbs immediately started doggie paddling while Brutus (like a brick) sinks head first to the bottom of the pool." What happened next was a move worthy of Superman. "I take off into a full sprint, fully clothed, dive in the pool, swim to the bottom, rescue my brick, I mean Brutus, and bring him back to the edge of the pool."

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Apparently the Frenchie was a little delirious at first, then threw up the water he’d swallowed and ran off to play with his brother. But while Brutus was fine, Johnson’s cell phone was not. Even so it’s a small price to pay for an adorable puppy’s safety — and all in a day’s work for a superhero.