Rockstar Games Launches Digital Storefront

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Rockstar Games

The launcher will also provide users with the ability to receive the latest gaming news from the studio.

Rockstar Games on Tuesday revealed that its Windows desktop application, the Rockstar Games Launcher — designed for gamers to access and purchase Rockstar PC titles in one place — is now available for download.

As well as accessing disc-based and digital titles, the launcher will provide users with features designed to organize their digital games library, including cloud save and automatic update functionality. They also will have the ability to receive the latest gaming news from the studio from within the app and shop for new titles to add to their collection. 

The Launcher will support Rockstar titles such as Grand Theft Auto III, GTA VGTA: Vice City, GTA: San AndreasMax Payne 3: The Complete Edition, L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition and Bully: Scholarship Edition

Those who download the Launcher will immediately receive a free digital copy of GTA: San Andreas on PC for a limited time. The game will be available to access within the Launcher. 

Digital storefronts have been appearing a lot lately. In June, Ubisoft unveiled its subscription service Uplay+, providing access to over 100 titles, including latest releases and classic games; and the following month, Electronic Arts expanded its EA Access service, first launched in 2014, to PlayStation 4 with access to over 200 titles. Nintendo, Microsoft and PlayStation also offer subscription services for digital games.