Rod Blagojevich Verdict: Donald Trump 'Feels Bad' for the 'Celebrity Apprentice' Alum (Video)

Rod Blagojevich Donald Trump 2011
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The "Get Me Out of Here, I'm a Celebrity" cast member faces 300-plus years in prison on corruption charges.

Rod Blagojevich's former TV boss, Donald Trump, says he "feels bad" for the disgraced Illinois Governor, who was convicted Monday on 17 corruption charges.

Trump tells Forbes, “Well, he was convicted. That’s a rough thing for him and his family; I feel badly for him and his family. It’s a tragedy."

Blagojevich made it through four episodes of Celebrity Apprectice before Trump fired him.

Trump adds, “I got to know [Blagojevich] based on the fact that he was in The Apprentice and I always felt bad for him. It just seemed like he was in over his head, you know what I mean?”

The former Illinois Governor faces up to 300 years in prison for his crimes, which include the allegation that he tried to sell or trade President Barack Obama's Senate seat.

Trump was mum on his Twitter account on the subject of Blagojevich, but others in the Twittersphere jumped on the chance to weigh in on Monday's verdicts (and his hair, the Chicago Cubs, etc.)

Film critic Richard Roeper wrote, "Lots of WLS callers/texters asking if Obama will pardon Blago in 2012. I seriously doubt it."

JDM450 said, "BLAGO might be going away for 320 years, but he wont miss the next Cubs World Series win."

QuestionMarcs declared, "BREAKING NEWS: Blagojevich convicted on charges of corruption and unlawful impersonation of a lego man's haircut." Jan 4USA commented on Blago's coif as well, "Have a heart...Poor Blago will have to cut his hair in jail.Thats worse for him than doing time!"

Blagojevich has not updated his Twitter account since the verdicts nor has its description, which reads: "Former governor of Illinois and innocent of all charges. I did not let you down. Follow me on this journey to clear my name and reveal the truth."

Watch Blagojevich get fired from Celebrity Apprentice in video below: