Rodeo Drive Roundup: Luxury Stores Are Coming and Going

Rodeo Drive Sign - P 2011
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Rodeo Drive Sign - P 2011

Pomellato, Valentino and Michael Kors boutiques are among the latest moves in Beverly Hills.

The movements on Rodeo Drive are often like those on a chessboard. Who's got the power, who's losing the power, who's queen for a day -- or a year? When stores move to better locales, they're doing well. When they decrease in size, well, you know what that means ... And Rodeo's switch ups are almost as fast as Oscar producers and hosts these days!

So here's the rundown right now, early November:

Pomellato jewelry from Italy will open imminently their first store in Los Angeles. Tilda Swinton is in their new ad campaign and they are working with her, it seems, throughout awards season.

Valentino is moving from its current location near the Luxe Hotel to further south, near YSL, somewhere around March 2012. They will have a larger space.

Michael Kors' boutique is having a reopening, after a renovation.

Bulgari jewelry, which inhabits a large corner of Rodeo and Wilshire -- the northwest corner -- is moving into the space where DeBeers jewelry is, up the road, according to a retail source. And DeBeers is departing Los Angeles for the time being.

And the biggest news of all: LVMH -- which took control of Bulgari earlier this year -- owns the space that Bulgari now inhabits right next to the Rodeo Drive Louis Vuitton store. They will open the walls and Louis Vuitton will expand from its current large store and essentially be a retail behemoth.