Roger Ebert Wins New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The movie critic has entered the competition 107 times since it launched five years ago.

Roger Ebert, cartoonist?

Not quite, but the movie critic was just named the winner of this week's New Yorker cartoon caption contest.

The cartoon shows a man and a women lost in the desert -- clearly looking for the spot they parked they car -- underneath a sign labeled "F." The caption reads: "I'm not going to say the word I'm thinking of."

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Two years ago, Ebert claimed on his blog that he had entered the contest "almost weekly virtually since it began."

"It’s not that I think my cartoon captions are better than anyone else’s, although some weeks, understandably, I do," he wrote. "It’s that just once I want to see one of my damn captions in the magazine that publishes the best cartoons in the world. Is that too much to ask?"

The New Yorker said Ebert has actually entered 107 times out of 280 total contests, putting him in 569th place out of 502,416 entrants. The magazine launched the caption contest five years ago.