Roger Ebert's Death Inspires Mass Internet Mourning From Stars, Writers and Fans

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The 70-year old film critic, who died on Thursday after a recurrence of cancer, was the subject of emotional tributes from Albert Brooks, Michael Moore, Darren Aronofsky, Anna Kendrick and many, many more.

The death of beloved film critic Roger Ebert on Thursday sparked an outpouring of grief that all but dominated social media.

Just one day earlier, Ebert announced that he was taking a "leave of presence" from his job at the Chicago Sun-Times to deal with a recurrence of cancer, a recently-revealed affliction that had been thought to be a fracture to his hip. In 2002, he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, had a cancerous growth spotted in his salivary glands in 2003, and had his lower jaw removed in 2006, rendering him unable to speak or eat solid food. But his love for film -- and workaholic tendencies -- translated well to the internet, where he earned a second wave of fame and a broader audience by publishing his vast collection of reviews and interacting with fans on Twitter.

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Tributes to Ebert poured forth, with stars, writers and fans all sharing their grief, favorite reviews and cherished memories of the late writer.